Forget about those slum landlords that Halifax is notorious for. We’re different and it shows…

Awesome Inclusions

We take pride in our properties and we’re the happiest when you’re happy. All of our buildings offer awesome benefits for our tenants, such as free Wi-Fi*, free CarShare memberships*, inclusive heat and hot water*, onsite parking and laundry, and short-term lease options — just to name a few.

Sticklers for Safety

We’re serious about safety. Several of our larger apartment complexes even feature cutting-edge security technology you can control with your cellphone… neat, huh? So tell your mom she can rest easy because you’re safe with us.

Caring Management

To us, you’re more than just a signature on monthly rent cheque — much more. We’ve built a rock star management team that views each and every tenant as their number one priority. Give us a chance. We’re different and, unlike your ex, we promise we won’t let you down.
* Inclusions available at specific locations. Some conditions may apply. Please call for details: (902) 492-1941.

Why Us?

  • Location: All our properties are a stone’s throw from Halifax’s hot spots — like universities, shopping, grocers, nightlife, transit and more.
  • Convenience: From onsite laundry and parking to automatic billing and unique rental inclusions, we’re working hard to make renting easy.
  • Quality: We’re proud of our properties and it shows.Our apartment buildings are expertly maintained and our management team is second-to-none.
  • Safety: Your safety is a top priority. You (and your loved ones) can relax knowing that our buildings are safe and secure.
  • Price: We won’t pick your pockets. Our apartments are fairly priced and deliver excellent value for your dollar.
  • Personalized: In short, we care. You’re never just a number with us — we take the time to get to know each and every tenant.

Why Parents Love Us

Northpoint Properties Student Rentals

  • We care about your kids: We see them as people, not paycheques. If they have an apartment-related issue, we’re there for them. Period.
  • Our buildings are safe: Super safe. Some even have state-of-the-art security technology they control with their cellphones. Great for them, even better for you (or your piece-of-mind, at least).
  • We’re priced right: You shouldn’t have to give up your retirement savings just to help your kid get a decent apartment in central Halifax. Our properties are priced right and include money-saving utilities and amenities.
  • Our locations are close to everything: All of our buildings are centrally located and very walk-friendly. Your kids won’t have any excuse to miss class or beg you to borrow the car (most of the time anyway).
  • Awesome Incentives: free Wi-Fi, CarShare memberships, onsite laundry and parking, heat and hot water included… all of these makes for happy students. Which totally lead to better grades, which in turn leads to happy parents. See where we’re going with this?
  • We’re just different: Forget what you know about renting in Halifax — we’re rewriting the rules and setting the bar. We’re honest, responsive, and fun loving because that’s what you deserve.

Why Students Love Us

  • We’re downtown: All of our buildings have a high walk score on We’re close to groceries, bus routes, universities and colleges, and nightlife (which means less money on cabs and more money on books, right?)
  • We’re Budget-Friendly: Despite the rumours you’ve heard, you can find a decent apartment in central Halifax without sacrificing on quality or selling a kidney. Our apartments are spacious, clean, well-maintained and affordable on a student’s budget.
  • We offer unbeatable incentives: How many of your friends receive discounts on their utilities? Have access to CarShare memberships or free Wi-Fi*? Heat and hot water included? Onsite parking and laundry? How about all of the above? Yeah, that’s what we thought.
  • If it breaks, we’ll fix it: We’re landlords, not parents. We’re there when you need us, but gone when you don’t. Kind of like a dream come true, because you know we won’t snoop through your stuff (sorry, Mom and Dad).
  • Our buildings are safe: Living downtown can be nerve-racking for some, but we’ve got your back. All of our buildings are highly secure. Several properties even use leading-edge security technology you control with your cellphone — yup, there’s an app for that.
  • We’re just different: Forget what you know about renting in Halifax — we’re rewriting the rules and setting the bar. We’re honest, responsive, and fun loving because that’s what you deserve.

* Inclusions available at specific locations. Some conditions may apply. Please call for details: (902) 492-1941.